Lower back pain relief products

Lower back pain relief products

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A diet is one of the necessary components of treatment for many diseases. A diet composition is often the main therapy component. Sometimes it is just an auxiliary measure that strengthens the effect of the background therapy. For instance, there are lower back pain relief products. Eating these products can be a useful remedy for people suffering from lower back pain in cases, when medicines are not available or as a supplement to them.

A diet in a case of lower back pain is one of debating points in the sphere of traditional medicine. The thing is that pain syndrome in the lower back is most often connected with a locomotor system disorder, which has no direct connection to a digestive tract. Thus, dietetic food in a case of lower back pain can  influence it only in an indirect way.

Lower Back Pain Prevention Products

The direct cause of vertebrogenic pain in the lower back is entrapment of the spinal cord nerve roots. It means that this pain is caused by a mechanical factor, and its elimination by means of food products certainly looks doubtful, if not casuistical.

Nevertheless, there is a list of food products, which help prevent pain syndrome or diminish it by means of metabolical mechanisms.

It is a condition of the spinal joints that promotes lower back pain syndrome, first of all. In order to maintain these joints healthy, you should have proper concentration of the vitamin D and niacin in your blood. The biggest quantity of these components is present in animal liver and such oily fish as salmon, sardine, and mackerel. According to the recommendations of the American Dietetic Association, it is necessary to eat at least 100g of these products during a week. Besides, fatty acids, big quantity of which is present in fish products, can produce anti-inflammatory and slight analgetic effect.

Another component important for lower back pain prevention is calcium, which is responsible for spinal bone strength and development of such a disorder as osteoporosis. In order to prevent this disorder, it is necessary to increase the quantity of dairy products in your daily ration (in a case if you have high tolerance to lactose), as well as the quantity of meat, eggs, and cereals. It is worth mentioning that metabolism of calcium is strongly connected with concentration of the vitamin K in blood, this is why along with the products mentioned above it is necessary to eat green and leaf vegetables, in particular, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, and spinach.   

assortment, avocado, bar

The third component that promotes painless spine functioning is ligaments. They are responsible for strength and mobility of the joints. In order to improve the state of the spinal ligamentous apparatus, it is advisable to eat more protein products, mostly dietetic meat, such as chicken, turkey or rabbit.

Perhaps, the most important food components for a spine health are chondroitin and collagen, which are responsible for the quantity of liquid in intervertebral joints, as well as for the condition of ligaments and cartilages.   The biggest quantity of these components is present in such food products as aspic and  jelly.

Products for Lower Back Pain Relief

Along with lower back pain prevention, there is a list of products, which are recommended after pain syndrome appears. It means that these products should be eaten for pain relief. One of the most popular products of this category is garlic. Many specialists in the field of non-traditional treatment believe that garlic produces anti-inflammatory and analgetic effect, which can relieve lower back pain. Though, there are no precise data on the mechanism of this therapeutic effect, as well as on the side effects of this therapy.

Another popular product for lower back pain relief is lemon, or, to be more exact, its juice. It can be consumed both in its pure form and as a component of certain dishes.  

Phyllanthus emblica, also known as Chebulic myrobalan, is a medicinal plant very popular in East Asia. The fruit of the tree is used for treatment for many disorders, and lower back pain is at the first place. The fruit is included into the list of food products. It   should be eaten raw, without being cooked.

Nutrition Rules in a Case of Lower Back Pain

For fast and effective lower back pain treatment, as well as for prevention of this disorder, not separate food products are important, but the way the person consumes them. Only if you follow all the nutrition rules, you can prevent and relieve lower back pain syndrome.

  1. First of all, your diet should be balanced and directed to losing weight, since overweight loads the spine too much and increases the possibility of lower back pain appearance.
  2. Your daily ration should contain enough products, which have vitamins D and K, as well as calcium and protein.
  3. If the food you eat lacks the components mentioned above, they should be compensated by medicinal vitamin and mineral supplements.

Eat products that contain collagen and chondroitin. As we have already said, these products are auxiliary means for lower back pain treatment. If you suffer from this disorder, you have to visit a specialist, first of all.

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